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GRU-V® Wall-Mountable UV Air Purifier - Kills airborne bacteria & viruses including Coronavirus & COVID-19

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The new GRU-V® UV Air Purifier is an affordable wall-mountable air treatment device which uses UV light to kill 99.99% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus and COVID-19. Thanks to its rigid construction and stainless-steel materials, the GRU-V® is ideal for any dental environment as well as medical, food and many other industries. Safe, effective, efficient, low noise and easy to install.

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GRU-V® Air Purifiers are manufactured in the UK from stainless steel with long life components and safety coated UVC lamps which produce no chemicals, particles or harmful ozone or odours. They are ideal for occupied rooms where reduction of airborne viruses and bacteria is desirable • Improves air quality by disinfection of micro-organisms • 99.99% disinfection of Coronaviruses, Influenza A, Tuberculosis in addition to other viruses and bacteria • No Ozone, no biocides, no odours, no chemicals • Ideal for medium size rooms where powerful fan can deliver one air change or more per hour • FEP sleeves on bulbs resist contamination and protect against broken glass if dropped or broken • Simple wall fitting and connection to wall socket • Long life (8000hrs) between bulb changes • Air flow rate: 100 m3/hr • UVC dose: 18mJ/cm2 (calculated average dose after 8,000 hours) • Disinfection rates: 99.99+% disinfection of Coronavirus (inc Covid19), Influenza A, E-Coli, Tuberculosis in single pass (based on calculated averages after 8,000 hours of operation. Single pass inactivation means that the air is exhausted after it is treated and is not recirculated) • Dimensions: 150mm x 200mm x 700mm • UV lamp : 2x 55W PLL germicidal shatterproof • Weight: 7kg • IP Rating: IP20 • Fuse: 5A • UVC output: 15W • Power: 150W max • UV lamp life: 8,000 hours (average).


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